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General Equipment Rentals

Tool Rental Canton, MA

We carry everything a little bit of everything here at Canton, MA from tile saws, concrete saws , brick and block saws, concrete grinding equipment , generators pressure washers and more . Call us and save .

Air Compressor Canton, MA

Portable electric air compressor great for running small air tools for carpentry

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Cement Mixer Electric in Canton, MA

Portable electric cement mixer great for those hard to get areas when concrete is needed hold up to 2 bags at a time

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Concrete Floor Grinder Canton, MA

this machine is used to take out un even surfaces on concrete floors , you can also change the blades and remove glue and mastik from the concrete floor

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Dingo Canton, MA

Stand on mini bobcat goes through any 36 inch gate opening , spreading loam , mulch wood chips and more ..

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Electric Jack Hammer 60lb Canton, MA

Dewalt 60lb electric breaker will go through 2-6 inches of concrete .. This tool comes with a point and chisel .All our Jack hammers are brand new for 2017

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Floor Scraper Electric Canton, MA

Electric floor scraper removes vinyl tile from wood and concrete flooring ., The price includes one blade

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Generator 3000 watt Canton, MA

3000 watt generator great for any small construction projects or parties requiring addtional power .

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Jack Hammer Electric 18lb Canton, MA

Dewalt 18lb electric hammer great for small concrete chipping , repointing , tile removal and more

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Pressure washer 1500 Canton, MA Canton, MA

1500 psi pressure washer great for cleaning decks , walkways , houses and more . We carry various size pressure washers for all you at home project

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Pressure Washer 2400 Canton, MA

2400 psi presure washer great for any at home cleaning project from pool decks to walkways and more .

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Pressure Washer 4000 Canton, MA

Most powerful on the market this 4000 psi washer will clean it all . Great for pool decks , commercial cleaning and more

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Tile Saw 10" Canton, MA

Tile saw cut up to a 16" tile .check our prices and save

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Tile Saw 7" Canton, MA

7" tile saw great for any home project . Light weight easy to use

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Vacuum Canton, MA

commercial shop vacuum great for shop clean up , water spills and more

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